Partial Wedding Planning

Put the Experts to Work for You with Partial Wedding Planning

Did you say yes? Did you pick the date? Congratulations! It's time to begin pulling together all the details for the biggest party in your life, but where do you start? When you don't mind doing a lot of the work, but need some help finding the right vendors for a successful day, a partial wedding planning package with Satin n Sage could come to your rescue. We provide a wealth of information, key contacts, and active support during the process so that you end up with a truly memorable wedding day while skipping many of the common pitfalls.

An Affordable Wedding Planner Connected with Reliable Vendors

You will connect with an impressive network of local wedding vendors prepared to provide stellar service. You still get to choose all the food, taste the cake, and pick your decor colors. However, if you are about to miss a major decision, your affordable wedding planner will step in with crucial and timely tips. We will schedule regular meetings with you and key vendors so that the planning continues on schedule. You get the satisfaction of creating your own party while ensuring that nothing is left out.

Easing the Frustration and Stress while Keeping Your Vision

Finally, when the big day arrives, we take over and leave you free to get dressed, exchange the rings, and party like there is no tomorrow. Because we helped you with every important detail, your on-site wedding coordinator will keep the day rolling along while working with familiar vendors. We maintain expectations and deliver superior results. Your family will go home talking about your wedding with fond memories.

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