Meet Patricia Naumoff. Founder. Event and Design Specialist
Patricia Naumoff knew from an early age that she wanted to plan parties.  While still in high school, she began planning Sweet 16 Parties and school sponsored events. Her career with Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott Hotels allowed her to continue her passion in planning events.

Patricia continued to work in the hospitality industry while donating her event planning services to the local associations where she hosted amazing fund raisers i.e. Rotary Club in an effort to give back while sharpen her skills and build her planning portfolio.

Patricia Naumoff
Founder & Creative Director


With over twenty years of industry experience, she passionately says ..her love of the creative arts, an obsession for an aesthetically pleasing environment, and her desire to make sure everyone is having fun is what drives hers. 

The wedding industry found Patricia. When she moved to Newport, WA. friends approached her who recruited her to help them start up a wedding venue and the rest is history.


A quote from Patricia…
“When all is said and done, I am not selling food, or a view, or anything tangible.  I create environments and experiences that touch all of the five senses.  Entice the senses while providing exceptional service, and you turn an experience into a memory.  It’s the promise of those memories that move me each day, inspiring me with each and every event I plan.”

Patricia’s passion for creating 100's of memorable unique events has allowed her to partner with unique one of a kind venues, featuring the popular barn, rustic chic style venues, that can be found in this quaint rural area of Washington, Idaho and Wyoming. She is described as upbeat, high energy and a joy to be around.